A great night was had by all, and a huge thanks to those members who braved the weather and came out in what was a very cold June evening.  Many thanks again to West Kype for the use of their super venue. Huge thanks to Heather Worlledge-Andrew for judging and the invaluable advice. We hope to see you again soon. Also thanks again to Pat for the course building, Elaine & Debbie for the timing of the control of paces section and all the wonderful people who helped setup and put away at the end of the night. It’s wonderful that as a club we can all work together so well, thats what makes the club so great.


Control of Paces

  1.  Elaine Clarkson & Manse Mackie
  2. Gillian Robertson & Mayfly
  3. Belinda Morison & Sharanga
  4. Lisa Brown & Minny
  5. Andrea Hibbert & Eden
  6. Lindsay Coburn & Shaddow


  1. Lisa Brown & Minny
  2. Nicola Hamilton & Kyle
  3. Lindsay Coburn & Shaddow
  4. Belinda Morison & Sharanga
  5. Kate Henderson & Poppet
  6. Gillian Robertson & Mayfly


Well done to all those who took part and if any of our members are interested in Trec training please let us know and we will get it organised.