A Scottish Riding Club affiliated to British Riding Clubs Membership Year 1st Nov to 31st Oct

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  • The Club is run by members for members. Events and activities can only take place with help from all members – even just a couple of hours. Assistance can include setting up prior to an event or packing up afterwards; writing for a dressage judge; picking up poles at a SJ class; help with admin. and many other jobs. Please indicate with which events/activities you can assist:
  • Every affiliated riding club is required to forward member details to British Riding Clubs’ Head Office. The information provided in this form will be held by Polnoon Castle Riders’ Association and British Riding Clubs on secure databases and used only in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. From time to time photographs may be taken at events for use on the Club website and Facebook page. Please tick the box if you DO NOT want your photograph to be used.