This year we sent some well deserved riders and horses down to the British Riding Club Championships in Lincoln.  This was a round trip of 600 miles with lorries, trailers, riders, mums, trainers and of course horses.  Great fun was had by all,  in fact it is rumored that fun and laughter could be heard within a 3 miles radius of our teams base. Lynne McDonald, Alexis Mitchell and Janette Pullen had the job of keeping the riders calm and what a great job they did.   There were 36 teams from all over the country taking part and our little Riding Club were placed a very respectable 8th!  Well Done! Anne Gair Lothian, Laura Smith, Laura Mitchel and Jenny Barclay.20150905_160552_resized

There were over 200 riders from all over the UK and the girls did a great job as individuals.  Young Jenny Barclay rode an amazing test to be placed 2nd in her Riders Team Test and 10th in her open, Laura Smith took 9th for her Riders Team Test and 9th in her individual prelim, also Ali Morran did well to be placed in her section bringing home 6th in her individual riders test and 10th in her open test.  There was 2 unlucky misses in individual placings for Jennifer wisdom and Laura Mitchel.  They were all super stars,  2 and 4 legged.BRC Lincoln 2015 100BRC Lincoln 2015 163BRC Lincoln 2015 148BRC Lincoln 2015 165BRC Lincoln 2015 150